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C-80 Controller

C-80 Controller


The C-80-LED Controller is a very simple controller to operate. Simplicity was the mission statement. It is capable of operating 80 consecutive channels of DMX. It has the ability to have 100 SCENES (looks) and 35 CHASES (0 to 34) and up to 48 SCENES per Chase. You can use some of same scenes over and over again in any particular CHASE.

Terminology and Functions/Features /Purpose:

CHANNELS: Labeled 1- 8 on top of controller. These sliders are the actual colors to those specific LED DMX channels per fixture. Also controls the brightness.
FIXTURE: These are labeled AJ and accessed by pressing GRAY BUTTONS.
This controller is capable of running 10 - 8 channel LED fixtures.
COMMAND BUTTONS: 2 Blue Buttons on bottom left. When you want the controller to do a specific function. Access Chase or Scene - Press either one.
GREY BUTTONS: These are your access buttons to Fixtures, Scenes or Chases.
RED BUTTONS: Used in setting up the controller to Program Scenes or Chases.

SCENE: A Scene is a particular look or color. Once you determine the specific color
combination you want, that is a SCENE. You have the ability to “create” up to 100 different “scenes” (color combination settings possible).

You must first create the “scenes” before you can create the CHASE.

CHASE: A Chase is any combination of Scenes played back in what ever order you
want them to respond to. The minimum amount of “Scenes” per chase is 2.
Maximum amount of “Scenes” per “Chase” is 48.

Commonly Asked Questions:
Q: I have it all wired up and I am not getting anything to happen
A: First - Make sure that your units are properly wired together, using either 3 Pin or 5 Pin XLR connectors.
    Then make sure you have the correct DMX address on each fixtures with the correct dip-switch
     settings. Make sure your DMX wires are not faulty. Rule of thumb – don’t repair cables - REPLACE

Q: Why are the letters on the Gray switches marked A – J as opposed to Fixture 1-10 ?
A: When you are creating your scenes or programming your chases, if you were creating Scene # 10 or
     Chase number #30. The screen LCD screen only allows for two numeric numbers. Once the Scene is set
      up, you would press gray button #B (SC 1 0), then enter: then press Gray button A (the first fixture) Gray
      button SC 10), then press enter. That would give you scene #10. Or press Gray button # C and Gray
      button A and that will be Chase 30. For your first Scene, it would be SC 01. Press the A Gray button, then
      press Gray Button B – enter. Chase 2 would be CH 02 ( Gray button A and Gray button C)

Q:  The Gray buttons don’t correspond with the numbers on the LED’s. Why is that.
A: The little Red LED’s that are lit are the actual unit that you are working with. If you press Gray Button A
  the “0” LED lights up. If you press Gray button B – LED marked number 1 comes up. We had to do it this
     way so corresponding numbers wouldn’t have different values. Regardless of the LED numbers, the first
     LED is unit 1, the second LED is unit two etc. Therefore 10 little LED’s represent actually ten – 8 channel

Q: How can I take control of two units or three at the same time and operate them manually?
A: By pressing any of the Gray buttons, the LED’s of the corresponding unit will light up. When they are lit,
     you can manually operate the units together. Move the sliders and all the fixtures that the LED’s are one
     will change together.

Q: Once I have fixture “A” the color I want it to be. How do I un-assign that fixture so I can continue to
      Work with fixture “B” and then fixture “C” etc.
A: Once you have the correct color,. Just press the next Gray button. A little “red” LED will light up. Then
     press the number that corresponds with the fixture you were just working with. That will un-assign that
     fixture. Leaving you to work with the fixture that corresponds to the Gray button you just pressed.

Q: Once I have a Scene or a Chase programmed. Is there any way I could edit that scene or chase if I
     didn’t like it.
A: No , but all you would have to do is just recreate that Scene or the scenes you had programmed into the
     chase. When finished, just give it the same scene or chase number that was originally there.
Q: If I unplug the controller, will it remember what was programmed or do I have to do it all over each
     Time I turn it on.
A: The C-80 LED Controller will remember what you have Programmed in it.
     So, it is alright to unplug it or turn the on / off switch off when you are finished. You will not lose any

Q. I have a bunch of “unused” channels that I am not using. Can they be used for anything else?
A:Yes, they can. But it all depends on you. If your Led fixture uses 5 channels – that leave channels 6, 7, and 8 unused. If you want to use say channel 8 – set the dipswitch on THAT UNIT to be 8. But keep in mind.

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