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MULTIFORM Multiwash(Hover over the images below to view)


The Multiwash® series comprises of the LS1130 passive RGB LED panel and the PS020A DMX-Controlled RGB power supply. It provides a unique solution for all applications that require a medium angle, wide-coverage, high-brightness color-mixing wash light with maximum ease of use - from club to stage lighting, from commercial to architectural purposes. Being aware that today’s customer demands a fast return on their investment, the Multiwash series is built to the highest quality standards, but still fits any budget. The Multiwash® series is tested and certified to comply with all major safety regulations, environmental protection requirements and electromagnetic emission/immission demands.

LED-Based RGB Color Mixing

The use of an array of 126 High-Power LEDs (54 red, 36 green, 36 blue) in the LS1130 passive RGB LED panel allows the generation of virtually any desired color. The nearly infinite lifetime of the LEDs (more than 50000 hours) grants years of maintenance-free operation and reduces the cost of ownership. With less than 40 Watts of total power consumption, running a whole lighting system from a standard 10A or 16A fused AC circuit is becoming reality.

Advanced Technology

The most advanced technologies have been implemented into the Multiwash® series to cope with the most demanding applications:

  • The unique MULTICELL® structure of the LEDs combines 5 diode chips into one LED, which allows a much higher brightness and light consistency than any standard LED, but distributes heat generation over a larger area than common high-power LEDs, which diminishes the need for forced cooling.
  • The LEDs are embedded into highly polished reflectors to further enhance light output and dispersion control.
  • The PS020A DMX-Controlled RGB power supply is a switch-mode design driving an array of constant current sources – providing perfect control over the LED current to ensure optimized LED lifetime at all AC inputs voltages from 85-250V. Running the LEDs at nominal current also keeps heat dissipation low, so the Multiwash® series products do not require any noisy forced cooling and hence also fit in quiet environments.
  • The PS020A DMX-Controlled RGB power supply uses an advanced, microprocessor-driven BAM brightness control. This keeps the current through the LEDs constant at all dimming levels, avoiding color deviation during dimming.

Ease Of Use

User-friendliness has been a major guideline during the design of the Multiwash® series. Unlike other LED fixture drivers, the PS020A DMX-Controlled RGB power supply offers maximum flexibility while only occupying 4 consecutive DMX channels with freely assignable start address, which significantly simplifies DMX setup and programming. All settings are easily done by 3 push button switches and one rotary control, assisted by a 3-digit display. The following modes are available:

  • Automatic: In this stand-alone mode, 17 different programs are available, from soft and hard color fades to flash sequences. A sound-to-light function can optionally be activated, and the speed can be set by the user.
  • Color: In this mode, 20 preset colors can be directly chosen. This is extremely useful for decoration purposes, where no external control is applied but several units shall emit the same color. The brightness can be set by the user.
  • DMX Mix: this mode allows free RGB color mixing via the first three DMX channels, while the total dimming level can be adjusted via the 4th channel.
  • DMX Preset: This mode allows to remotely call off color presets, chases and strobe sequences via DMX.

An inbuilt, switchable DMX termination and the disengageable LED display suit any installation situation. A DMX signal LED indicates whether a DMX signal is received. On the road, the switch mode power supply grants constant light output, regardless of which country you are in or whether you run your system from a stable AC supply or a mobile generator.

Sleek Design

The Multiwash® series provides an architecturally friendly appearance with its sleek, modern design, where the flat LS1130 passive RGB LED panel and the separate PS020A DMX-Controlled RGB power supply allow to be mounted together or separate. Further, the innovative honeycomb louver insert on the LS1130 passive RGB LED panel avoids the inconsistent impression that many other LED fixtures leave with spectators looking into the array of red, green, and blue LEDs. The louver and the LEDs are protected by a highly transparent PC screen to avoid negative influence by dust. The versatile bracket design leaves the choice of using the Multiwash® series hanging or standing on the floor. A M6 mounting point for a safety lug and a slot to tie cables to the bracket serve as safety features.

Rugged Construction

The Multiwash® series is made from metal in all essential mechanical parts – and hence withstands the rigors of the touring business. Only high quality aluminum and electro-galvanized steel is used to ensure that the risk of corrosion in humid environments is minimized. All steel parts are painted with hard-wearing powder coat. On the electronics side, only FR4 fibre-reinforced resin PCBs are used, which endure vibration and humidity. Wherever sensible, SMT technology is applied to provide a maximum of reliability, and wherever necessary (such as the DMX transceiver IC in the PS020A DMX-Controlled RGB power supply), parts are in sockets so that in-field service by qualified technicians is a breeze.

Technical Data

Multiwash® LS1130 passive RGB LED panel
Number of LEDs: 126 5-Chip LEDs = 630 LED elements
Arrangement: 54 red, 36 green, 36 blue
Dispersion angle: 28 degrees
Supply requirements: 3×24V/600mA DC
Total power consumption: Max. 37.8W
Dimensions WxHxD: with bracket 13" x 12.5" x  2.5"; without bracket 10.5" x 10" x 2.5"
Weight: 5lbs
Order Code: 99-010-0027-00001-9-01

PS020A DMX-controlled RGB power supply
Supply voltage range: 85-250V, 50-60Hz.
Output: 3×24V/max. 750mA (total max. 2A)
Control protocol: DMX512 (1990)
Modulation system: Bit Angle Modulation (BAM)
Dimensions WxHxD: 5.3" × 4.2" x 1.4"
Weight: 1.3lbs
Order Code: 99-010-0017-00001-9-50

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