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Our Mission Statement

The Meteor Shooting Star Effect
The Unique Meteor Shooting Star

METEOR as a brand name in the entertainment light and sound industry has its origins in the UK where it was formed as "Meteor Illusion" in the late 1960's. Early products included sound-to-light controllers (Meteor 3000), the first sequential light chaser chaser (Meteor Tenway Chaser), Projection using the original Rank Aldis Tutor II projector and Graphic and Oil Wheels(the first truly psychedelic visual effect) and all the laser like, sound animated, crowd pleasing effects in fog. Subsequently METEOR created the now legendary ProBeam Projector Series. These are still in production and being sold.

Manufacturing of Meteor was started in the UK, and following the acquisition of METEOR by the Hammond Group (Revox Corporation etc on Long Island, NY) in the early 1970's, development and production of the Meteor ClubMan DJ Mixer range was established in the USA. This was followed by a range of new lighting controllers and major effects, which has continued to this day with a new facility set up in Madison, Alabama in 1980. Our innovative controllers are what other manufacturers tried, unsuccessfully of course, to copy. METEOR set the standard, and then raised the standards on quality. Billboard Magazine rated the CLUBMAN DJ MIXERS as Best Mixer on the market for 7 years in a row.

The Corporate Mission of Meteor has always been to provide products that deliver excitement and entertainment to the viewer - not just more 'bells and whistles' that had no effect on those dancing or cruising. When a crowd changes nightly, pre-programed lightshows (which can take hours) are less effective than a hands-on show by a professional DJ/LightJock who reads the crowd and knows their music. For this operator we developed Tolcon (short for Total Lighting Control), the world's first fully-integrated lighting controller that enabled multiple effects to be selected yet remain synchronized in one light show. Later came the Infinity System which is still available today and remains the only control system that can be expanded to suit any venue yet provide hands-on and autorun facilities. Simplistic and practical in use, allowing the professional to play to their crowd on the fly.

So we invite you to take a good look at METEOR, the only Company that puts the visual effect of the product before everything else, and has ALWAYS supplied innovative and reliable product to this market and, longer than any other manufacturer. Our Design concept is that the product has to work and the show must go on!

Our products represent your best choice overall, for value and performance, from the only company that's still here 40 years later.