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Disco lighting - Moving Heads
DJ Lighting - Scanners
DJ Effects
Club Effects
LED lights
Cable Testers

For control module housing:
Rack Kit

For speakers and audio equipment:
Solid NRG

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Warranty Information

If you've already purchased a Meteor product, please be sure to read the important details about how to register your warranty.

Meteor's products are covered under a limited warranty for a period of time which varies according to the product purchased, subject to certain exceptions and exclusions as detailed below:

What IS Covered

Parts & labor costs of repairs to the product if it ceases to function due to component failure within the specified period from date of purchase.

What IS NOT Covered

Triacs, diodes, fuses, lamps, glass lenses & filters. Fair wear and tear. Damage
due to accident or abuse by customer or other third party. Damage due to incorrect installation. Damage incurred while using product for use other than specified. Damage incurred as a result of connection to other faulty equipment. Damage incurred as a result of poor or incorrect packaging or shipping damage (except if Meteor packs and ships goods).

Before you send back anything...

Read the product instructions carefully (if applicable). They may contain tips on how
to deal with some problems you can incur. Most faults are due to bad cables or faulty lamps! If you cannot resolve the problem, call your local dealer first -- he will probably be able to help you. Failing all of the above, call our Service department before sending the unit back. First, we will try to resolve your problem over the phone, but in the event we cannot, we will issue you the Return Authorization number you will need to get fast service turnaround.

What you MUST DO to claim warranty repair

Obtain a Return Authorization number by telephoning (256) 461-8000 during the normal
Service Department hours. Have your purchace date and serial number of product ready. Write the RA# clearly on the carton and return the unit properly packed in its original box to Meteor with your return address and daytime telephone number enclosed. Enclose a copy of your dated proof of purchase and a short note explaining the problem and describing any unusual symptoms exhibited.

What you MUST NOT DO

Attempt your own repair -- you may void the warranty. Pack the unit badly -- shipping
damage is not covered by warranty. Fail to get an RA# and mark it on the carton -- this will cause delays in handling your unit. Omit any relevant parts and cables -- the problem may be with associated parts. Fail to enclose your name, address, or daytime telephone number -- we need to know who sent it! Send the unit COD -- we do not accept unauthorized CODs

Notes: These are new warranty terms applicable as of January 1, 1996, and apply only to products purchased on or after this date. Warranty does not apply to used, previously-owned, consignment, or demonstration merchandise. MLSC, Inc., is not responsible for any liability other than as outlined in the coverage above. This warranty is not transferable and applies only to the original end-user purchaser. Full details of our warranty coverage and other related matters are published in our Terms & Conditions of Trade.